4 Things to Keep in Mind for Vegan Muscle Growth

Gaining muscle mass as a Vegan is definitely possible, it requires careful planning and consideration of macronutrients, all is worth it for the ethical reasons of saving the needless slaughter of animals.

Remember the theory of Progressive Overload

How can one gain muscle while eating plants? For starters, the theory of progressive overload must always be followed, one should always aim to get stronger, to add more intensity whether it is volume, weight or training frequency over a long period of time so that your muscle can be destroyed enough to grow. This is undeniable for any type of progress at the gym, especially when it comes to hypertrophy.

Nutrition Matters

Nailing the nutrition, even as a Vegan, is essential for the muscle to actually grow. While it is easy to skimp out on eating protein, protein is still essential and non-negotiable for muscle growth as a non-meat eater. However, there is hope, and many vegans out there are putting meat-eaters to shame with their incredible muscle size and physiques.

I value fitness as process to be enjoyed, and make sure that my tips offer my readers optimal health as a fun, exciting and engaging process even when it comes to building mass. Here are four tips I have found to contribute to my success at the gym:

Four Tips to Grow Muscles without Eating Animals:

  1. Carbohydrates are not to be feared, rather, they are energy food sources that can benefit your entire system when you kill your workout. Whether you are a beginner at the gym or an experienced athlete, as a Vegan, you will have to hold yourself to a standard of consuming more of higher quality foods. A diet that is rich in sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, protein pasta are all that is needed for the carbohydrate element, and these are all super healthy.
  2. Protein is important, do not stress out over it though. Make sure to have at least 25-30 grams of protein per meal, this is not impossible. Lentils, chickpeas, tempeh, tofu, kidney beans and even nut butters and nuts are your best friend when it comes to feeding those hard-earned muscles. Do not fear soy-based protein powders or plant-based protein powders either, I highly recommend investing in some to make sure that you are hitting enough protein to support muscle growth.
  3. For women especially, fats should not be avoided and can be your best friend for developing a sexier figure. I recommend olive oil, walnuts, avocado. Your body needs fat in order to function healthily and optimally, and that is the primary focus of a healthy lifestyle. A bodybuilder may be known for their shredded and lean physique, yet good fats seem to be understated for just how much value they can also add to your performance. I recommend eating nut butters, walnuts, and enjoying the benefits those can bring not just to your muscle development but for your overall brain health as well.
  4. Perhaps the most important tip for growing your muscles at the gym is to stay consistent and to engage your mind muscle connection.


A winner’s mindset will always supersede a limiting one, so remember, Veganism and the way that your body responds will not be the same as anybody else. If you keep in mind the basics of hypertrophy, and by sticking to your fitness program as well as being consistent with your goals, you will achieve a good level of fitness success. On top of that, by making sure to eat a good amount of healthy carbs, proteins and fats like the ones I mentioned above, you will get that body that you dream of provided you are consistent with eating enough of the right foods.


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