Fat-Burning Lower Body Workout (No Equipment Required)

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What Is High Intensity Interval Training and Why is it Effective for Fat Loss? 

If your goal is to lose fat, then I would highly recommend High Intensity Workout training. This style of training is also known as Tabata training and is designed to place your body under high amounts of stress.

High intensity exercise has  your body placed under a certain amount of stress for enough time that your body will have no choice but to reduce fat.  The rest/pause intervals that High Intensity Training utilizes are enough to confuse your body into facilitating this process.

How Often Can I Do This? 

High Intensity workouts generally can be performed at a maximum of 3 times a week as they interfere with your body’s capacity to repair itself from other types of training.

As I am a strong advocate of strength training for women especially, I would do this workout once or twice a week and work my way up from there. 

How and Where To Perform This Workout 

This  workout can be done  anywhere as it does not require any equipment. It is also low-impact meaning that it will not stress the joints that much nor will it bother your neighbours.

The total workout duration is 17.5 minutes.  Take 20 seconds to perform each exercise at your full capacity, then take 10 seconds off to rest. Repeat the circuit until you have finished 7 full rounds.

Once finished, pat yourself on the back, stretch your lower body and carry on with your day. The best part of working at high levels of intensity is that your body will be burning fat even after you are done.  

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