A Case For A Strong Curvy Body as a Feminine Ideal

Today’s blog post is about arming my readers with a set of critical tools to assess media images regarding beauty.

Instagram is over-saturated with fitness content, from Kim Kardashian to Sommer Rae and supermodels, bodies are flashed to us at all times.

Because I personally have an affinity towards women developing strength and high levels of fitness, I have mentally shifted from admiring the work of cosmetic surgeons or the runway look and have become a huge advocate of healthy, strong and fit bodies.

For starters, I have always been against a standardised ideal when it comes to a woman’s body, but I am a  woman myself so I am subject to harmful messages about beauty, my body, other women’s bodies and so on.

I believe that a strong, curvy body, like Sommer Ray’s body is an ideal that young women should strive for. She clearly works out, she eats healthy and she is not too thin.

The fashion industry’s standard of thinness is attractive for fashion, and for tall thin women, it just so happens that they do not represent the majority of people nor should they aim to as they promote eating disorders.

My take on the ideal female body is that it should represent health, beauty and longevity. A fertile looking body is the best one in my opinion with just enough muscle tone to complement it. 

Be informed that some female Instagram fitness models:

  1. Take stereoids to develop their muscles that fast 
  2. Are not entirely honest about their training routines or diets 
  3. Rely heavily on angles and photoshops for pictures 

So let us disregard anybody else as a standard for how we should love ourselves and instead focus on a healthy standard. Tara’s Fit World is about empowering a healthy and fit woman in any environment so that she can best serve those around her.

Her lifestyle is health-focussed, her mindset focusses on the process rather than the outcome. She utilizes progressive overload so that she can develop an attractive physical appearance and strength.

Finally, she nurtures her body rather than harms it. She is not at war with herself, instead, she nourishes her body with whole-foods, rest, hydration and exercise so that she can look and feel her best.

Body Types that I would classify as both Feminine and Strong:

if reaching your fitness goal is hindered by your excess weight or joint problems, try water aerobics exercises. -- Be sure to check out this helpful article.
2019 is about promoting a curvier and healthier fitness aesthetic. This women has a well developed lower body that makes her body look quite ideal. 
Our patented thigh-high leggings have a super-soft feel, moisture wicking stripe detail, and breathable mesh, creating the perfect leggings for the gym and your everyday lifestyle. The high-fashion design helps you get that layered look in one, for effortless style and support the whole day through. Designed exclusively by Bombshell, you simply won’t find the same look, feel or fit anywhere else.
Athleisure brand BombShell uses a fit, curvy and healthy looking model to promote it’s leggings. Once again we can see how her lower body is well developed, with a good amount of muscle visible. 
American Fitness Model Sommer Rae’s body radiates health, femininity and youth. She acts as a good role-model for young adults as she seems to promote naturally being herself. 

Body Types that Do Not Promote the Strong and Feminine Ideal 

Image may contain: 1 person
Kim Kardashian’s body is highly manipulated with cosmetic surgery, her legs are thinner than her hips and her buttocks have been stuffed with fat. While her body does have an hourglass shape, her lower body is disproportionate to her cosmetically enhanced curves. 
Image result for skinny model"
The Fashion Industry promotes a thin ideal in order to sell their clothes. Fashion understandably looks better on smaller frames. Her body lack muscle tone and she clearly has to restrict herself in order to achieve the emaciated aesthetic.

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