Top 5 At Home Workouts for Round Glutes

I decided to share with you my top 5 favourite glutes workouts that I have taken from my Instagram page. Each of these workouts can be performed at home, the majority of these routines are accessible to beginner-levels, intermediate and advanced with the exception of one of the unilateral routine which I recommend as a challenge for advanced levels.

Why the glutes?

They are the most feminine looking body part in my opinion and they contribute to a healthy and strong looking physique.

Why these exercises?

Each of these routines have been inspired by the research and work of Glutes expert Bret Contreras. I did some deep diving into his book Glute Lab to find the best exercises for these routines. Each routine targets hamstrings, glutes and quads development. My belief is that the glutes can pop out even more when the hamstrings are well-developed and when the quads compliment the muscular development of this body part. I do not personally find an over-developed backside to be aesthetically ideal for anybody who wants to carve out their body through bodybuilding. I do not advocate against surgery that produces this effect if somebody thinks that they would prefer that option.

Below is a picture of my four year glutes transformation, notice how my quadriceps and hamstrings also grew. This was intended and I definitely do not regret having a more uniform looking lower body as my opinion is that hamstrings work with glutes and quads to create a “fit and toned” look.

My four year glutes transformation, notice how the quads inevitably grew as well as the hamstrings. This meshes the lower body with it’s natural musculature which in my opinion will suit the body better than pure glutes development (enlargement).

Glutes look better with proportioned hamstrings and quadriceps

I do not like the Kardashian-esque over-developed butt on slim legs (surgical butt) so I recommend aiming to develop the hamstrings and quads so that the glutes mesh into the entire lower body. This is not only more muscularly appropriate in terms of aesthetics but it undeniably looks more proportioned and symmetrical than over-training the glutes with no emphasis on the legs.

Check out my analysis of female aesthetics for an in-depth understanding of symmetry, proportion and other factors that contribute to a beautiful body. In this analysis is a short explanation of plastic surgery trends which may benefit anybody considering the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), as this surgery is quite dangerous. I do not advocate the BBL in lieu of trying out bodybuilding first as the results can be quite remarkable given proper intensity, training and respect for progressive overload.

Without going into any more detail about how the glutes can add to a beautiful fit body, here are my top 5 favorite at home routines.

5 Workout Routines for Glutes, Hamstrings and/or Quadriceps

Workout 1: Quads focussed Glutes Workout

Difficulty Level: All levels

Equipment Needed: Dumbbells, mat and bench

Workout 2: Hamstrings focussed Glutes Workout

Difficulty Level: All levels

Equipment Needed: Band, dumbbell, ankleweights, mat

Workout 3: Single-leg Hamstrings focussed Glutes Workout

Difficulty Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Equipment Needed: Light dumbbell, ankle-weights

Workout 4: Hamstrings-focussed Glutes Workout

Difficulty Level: All levels

Equipment Needed: Dumbbell, ankle-weights, small plates, mat and bench

Workout 5: Quads focussed Glutes Workout

Difficulty Level: All levels

Equipment Needed: Resistance band, bench, mat, plates and dumbbells

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post, let me know what you thought of the workouts in the comment section below.


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  1. DyeHard says:

    Love this post! Great input on how to improve women’s physique. Looking forward to reading your future articles.

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate that, I’m glad that you found this post informative.

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