Guide to Female Fitness Aesthetics

Hey guys, today I am going to continue my exploration of female fitness aesthetics. I have written on this subject here and here. This analysis, however, will be a bit deeper than the last posts. In this analysis, I will go over everything fitness and aesthetics. Specifically, I will define what the current fitness and…

Attraction and Beauty in the Middle East (Random Thoughts)

Hey guys, Today I wanted to discuss the characteristics and attributes of the female Arab body. Furthermore, I wanted to explore how our body types are distinct from the Western ideals that are more prevalent on popular media channels. This is, of course, an opinion piece that aims to critically analyze how our culture despite…

Top 4 At Home Workouts for a Tight and Firm Upper Body

For today’s blog post, I wanted to share with you my top 4 favourite upper body workouts that I have taken from my Instagram page. Each of these workouts can be performed at home. Additionally, these workouts are suitable towards all levels of fitness including those of you who are still at a beginner level….

Analysis of Aesthetics and the Female Body

Hello, Today I have decided to dedicate a post to the subject of female-specific physical fitness and cosmetic enhancements. My aim was initially to explore the globalised female ideal, after a few hours of research, however, I find that while there is a trend in the direction of glamor and “bigger is better” type of…

Fitness Models VS. Competitive Bodybuilders

This post is mainly directed towards women and their bodies with different levels of body fat and muscle tone. The biggest misconception that I witness from other women and men is the conception that women have the natural predisposition of becoming a she-hulk if she decides to take her training seriously by lifting heavy weights….