Lower body training: how to squat and build your lower body

What is the Squat? The squat is a compound lift which means it targets multiple muscles in your body. The squat is known as one of the best exercises to develop an impressive lower body. This means that the squat is responsible for many of the nice butts and legs that you see allover Instagram….

Top 5 At Home Workouts for Round Glutes

I decided to share with you my top 5 favourite glutes workouts that I have taken from my Instagram page. Each of these workouts can be performed at home, the majority of these routines are accessible to beginner-levels, intermediate and advanced with the exception of one of the unilateral routine which I recommend as a…

Beginner Transformation Ebook (Free)

Goal: Fitness Transformation for Beginners The aim of this ebook is to get beginners to enjoy the fitness benefits without feeling intimidated at the gym or confused with all the fitness information circulating around. I have designed a free program to get beginners into the fitness mindset without having to set foot in a gym….

13 Basic Hypertrophy Questions Answered

I will start today’s entry by addressing some common fitness myths regarding female training. Both male and female trainees can benefit from this knowledge as I always like to educate my readers about both the practical and scientific part of fitness. Before I get into the subject, I would like to address the misconception that…