Peace of Mind, To Me.

Peace of mind

Today’s blog entry will discuss my thoughts on inner peace and ways in which I have found mine. Basically, as much as we all read about meditation, breathing, being mindful, there is so little said about finding what works for you. And I think that’s the message I want to relay on to you. Depending on where your problem lies, meditation may not work for you if your problem in your life is that you feel stuck in a particular area, facing a difficult problem. Similarly, awareness of yourself and your thoughts may not work if what you’re looking for physical relief, although it is somewhat of a necessary step to attaining it. Exercise can work for you if you feel ill but may not work if you feel like you are lacking motivation to pursue your goals although it does helps to develop the confidence you may need to go after them, it is however, not an ends, but a means and true motivation comes from within. Motivation and change comes from when you decide you want to make things change. Exercise can help you find the will that’s been missing, but that alone, may not get you to your overall destination. I do recommend it however, because it can only benefit you.

What does inner peace look like to you? 

You will find that looking for a particular “quick fix” or “band aid” to your problems may serve as somewhat of a barrier towards making productive choices as all choices require hard work. My point is this, inner peace is subjective, and you can only find it once you identify a point that is lacking in your life, if you have a clear idea of what inner peace looks like to you. Inner peace, to me, is not having had made it, rather, it is enjoying the process, finding out what makes me happy and doing more of those things. I like to be busy, I like to have my mind flowing with ideas and positive good thoughts, so to me, inner peace is embracing the whole journey towards self discovery, self-actualization. Inner peace, to me, is having all the areas in my life I feel are lacking coming to some kind of wholeness. And that may be seen as somewhat of a distant idea or an abstraction to some, but to me, I know what it means, it means that I am in a constant state of being content and peace with myself, my emotions and having a stable state of mind.

What it means to me

I find peace of mind through a cultivation of good habits such as exercising, doing my  yoga routine in the morning, studying well, being well prepared, nourishing my body with good foods, drinking water and being around supportive and positive people who are happy and can offer me constructive advice that can help me in areas where I feel I am lacking. Peace of mind, to me, is about finding things that make me think less about my problems and more about being in the moment, thinking about the future, knowing more, pushing myself to my absolute best. Peace of mind, to me, is about not being lazy, it is about thinking about myself in the future, forgiving myself for my past mistakes and for offering the people around me as well as myself the best version of myself I can be; being the kind of person I would want to be around.

I hope that you enjoyed this post on what peace of mind means to me, please let me know what you thought about it in the comments below.


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