11 Athleisure Trends to Look Out For This Spring

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This week’s blog post is on the 11 athleisure trends to look out for this spring. Check out my ultimate guide to athleisure for more information on this year’s previous athleisure trends as well as this post on my Favorite Brands For Athleisure (In Lebanon).

From flared pants to a 90’s throwback, these spring 2023 trends are worth trying out!

Trend #1: Flared Pants

What is it?

The first trend on this list is flared pants. “Flared yoga pants hit the scene in the early 2000s and they’re making a comeback now – and for good reason! They’re not only comfortable, but stylish and trendy too (Team L&M, 2023).”

How to style this:

Simply pair with a crop top, oversized sweatshirt or blazer (for an evening look). Check out how Hailey Beiber wore this spring 2023 trend below.

Trend #2: One-piece Activewear

What is it?

Jumpsuits, rompers, and bike unitards are growing in popularity. “The workout unitard, however eyebrow raising it once was, is officially back in style with growing popularity that is both celebrity and It girl approved. The one-piece’s recent rise to fame makes sense, especially given that its backing comes from none other than Kim Kardashian, who has worn the all-in-one outfit beyond just the gym (Jackson, 2022).”

“These one-piece wonders are not only stylish and comfortable, but they’re also practical for a variety of activities (Fenn,2023).”

How to style it:

Wear your one-piece with your favorite accesories and footwear/sneakers depending on what activity you’re doing! Check out Bella Hadid and Alessandra Ambrosio’s outfits below for more inspiration.

Trend #3: Bold details

What is it?

Bold details are also in this spring with cutouts, assymetry, colors and unconventional designs being trendy.

“Think cutouts, asymmetrical shapes, color-blocking, thumb holes and so much more (Offor, 2022).” 

How to style it:

Wear athleisure consisting of bold colors like red, dark purple, black, orange or maroon. You can match them with neutral tones and accesorize accordingly! You can also wear asymmetrically-styled sports bras like the one above with your regular sports outfit.

Trend #4: Activewear Dresses

What is it?

This spring trend is the feminine and sporty activewear dress. You can wear this to the gym on your leg day workouts, pilates or yoga class and to get a post-workout coffee/green juice.

“If anything says athleisure loud and proud, it’s an activewear dress. This really is one of those pieces that seamlessly transitions from the treadmill to the café. Dresses also tend to be extra flattering to the silhouette, so expect a confidence boost when you wear this one out and about (Fenn,2023).”

How to style it:

Accesorize this look with jewelry and your favorite sneakers/purse combination.

Trend #5: Inclusivity

What is it?

This trend basically consists of athleisure brands creating fashion and designs for various shapes and sizes including plus-size bodies. “But, by definition, inclusivity is about providing equal access to opportunities or resources to those who could potentially be excluded or marginalized (sportscasual,2023).”

The trend consists of athleisure models being different in some way whether through disability, size, age, or color. “Creating barriers for older individuals, people of color, people with disabilities, curvy bodies, or anyone that doesn’t look like the models used in advertisements (sportscasual,2023).”

Trend #6: Ecomaterials: Seaweed/Oyster/Virgin Material

What is it?

Athleisure made from eco-friendly material is in. “Seawool, Bamboo Charcoal, Nuyarn, SeaCell, and Repreve. Be sure to check labels the next time you’re activewear shopping and keep an eye on materials like bamboo charcoal, Seawool, and Nuyarn, among others (Fenn,2023).”

How to style it:

You can wear any eco-friendly made athleisure piece with accesories or a purse. Free People has trendy eco-friendly athleisure outifts that you have to check out!

Trend #7: Sports Pants

What is it?

“As bottoms continue to get more relaxed, expect the same trend for activewear. This trend comes in the form of track pants and flared bottoms with a sporty chic look. (Triplett,2023).”

How to style it:

“Sports pants pair easily with gym clothes, sweatshirts, or any mixture in between (Triplett,2023).”

Trend #8: Tennis Skirt

What is it?

Tennis skirts are in for training and brands like Nike are using this look to create beautiful, elegant models. “Upper-class country club attire continues to rise. It’s likely that pieces like the tennis skirt and the exercise dress will stay on the map for 2023. If it works for the tennis court, then it’s a safe bet to add to your athleticwear collection. (Triplett, 2023).”

How to style it:

You can accesorize the tennis skirt with hoop earings, a crop top, small purse, and your favorite sneakers.

Trend #9: Lounge Wear

What is it?

This trending look is off-duty fitness mixed with comfort. “Most recently, the trend in athleisure is considered workout loungewear. It’s a mixture of warm-up and cool-down gear like matching sweat sets and oversized pieces like collared tops and wide-leg pants (Triplett,2023).”

How to style it:

 “A cozy matching sweat set, yoga pants and a hoodie, your favorite active onesie: it all flies. Lunch, park hangs, and coffee dates no longer require a complete change. Throw on a puffer jacket to pull the look together or opt to change into an oversized crew sweatshirt and leggings to maintain your fresh, balanced state of being post-workout (Fenn,2023).” 

Trend #10: Neon

What is it?

Think bright and vibrant colors! “Neon colors were big in the 80s and early 90s, and they’re all over activewear. While black and grey are still popular colors for workout clothes, we’re seeing more and more people opting for brighter, more eye-catching shades (Sports Casual, 2023).”

How to style it:

You can wear one neon piece with a neutral color (white, beige or black) and just accesorize. If you are feeling bold, you can dress from head to toe in neon, just make sure to own it! “Bonus points for mixing it up too – a trend lifting off is bolding mixing colors – a la neon orange and neon yellow (Sports Casual, 2023).”

Trend #11: 90’s Throwback

What is it?

Brand throwbacks like Adidas’ Three Stripe leggings are trendy at the moment. All of your favorite brands’ classic pieces are also making a comeback.

“High-waisted leggings, sports bras with bold logos, and tracksuits are just a few of the pieces making a comeback. This trend will continue to surge for the next couple of years (Sports Casual, 2022).” 

How to style it:

You can wear your favorite 90’s throwback leggings or tops with accesories like sunglasses or hoops. For more of a casual look, wear an oversized sweater, hoodie or jacket with it.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post on the 11 Athleisure Trends to Look Out For This Spring, please let me know what you thought about them in the comments section below!











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