Who is Tara?

Who am I?

I am Tara, a Lebanese woman with a passion for fitness. My goal is to inspire others to get into shape. I was not always fit, it was not until I was introduced to bodybuilding by a personal trainer at my gym a few years ago that I developed a passion for lifting heavy weights. This is how I managed to lose 12 kilos of fat and went from fat to fit in just a matter of months.  I now maintain around 15% body fat all year-round and have  developed a love affair with fitness and encourage all women and men to lift weights for health reasons and just to look and get stronger.

Why lift weights?

By lifting weights, you can become your best self. Committing to a bodybuilding lifestyle is not easy and it requires discipline and consistency. Challenging yourself at the gym can lead to self-improvement and this is why I want to inspire others to lift weights so that they can become their best selves.

My content specialises at giving you the tools to transform your bodies and take charge of your health and fitness. I wish to see results like these in all of my readers and am committed to sharing my experiences and research with you at least twice a week.

What is ‘Tara’s Fit World’ about?

‘Tara’s Fit World’ is created to educate my readers on how to be critical consumers of fitness content. We can all see how the fitness blogosphere has become increasingly over-saturated with misinformation and while it may seem like it is confusing to get into shape, especially for beginners, it actually is very simple.

‘Tara’s Fit World’ teaches you how to become an educated fitness consumer and in order to become one, you have to understand how the successful body-builders have attained their bodies. No, it was not the supplements alone nor was it some internal gene, if you follow this blog, you will begin to understand the basics of building an aesthetic physique which comes down to hypertrophy and progressive overload. My hope is that you can all gain some insight as I carry on in my fitness journey.

Introducing the Fearless Fitness Guides

The Fearless Fitness series is meant to encourage honest and healthy fitness to a Middle Eastern audience. Simply click on the following links to download either one of the guides. Fearless Fitness: At home training guide, Fearless Fitness Nutrition Ebook and Fearless Fitness Ebook: A Beginner Strength Training Program For Women.

Vegan fitness resources also available

The previous content on this blog was written with the aim of encouraging vegan fitness enthusiasts to take up bodybuilding. While this is no longer the mission of this blog, it can still benefit Vegans, check out my Vegan training Guide for bodybuilding beginners and this Fitness Guide that is suitable for Vegans to help you get started on a Vegan fitness journey.

Check out my content which includes Vegan tips for maximal muscle growth, I have left them up intentionally because I think Vegans can take up a body-building lifestyle that can also make them their best selves .

In closing, I hope that you enjoy all of the content that I have created for this blog. My vision is to empower as many men and women to reach their full fitness potential and to lead healthier lives.