A Beginner’s Guide to Fitness Supplements (Video)

Supplements can give you benefits that include energy boost, mood enhancement, muscle size increase and gain.

A video of me giving my thoughts and recommendations on the topic of supplements.

In order to reap the benefits of a good supplement source, you have to become aware of how important quality is. I would recommend the following criterion when making a decision regarding supplement choice:

  1. Trust your source
  2. Buy from a reputable brand
  3. Understand the function of your supplement, see how it relates to your goal and choose the best brand.

Additionally, I thought that a small list of my favourite supplements could help inform some of my newbie beginner readers. Here are my favorite supplements for muscle gain:

  1. Whey Protein
  2. Preworkout
  3. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s)
  4. Creatine

Each supplement has their own function.

  1. Whey Protein’s function is to supplement your diet for adequate protein intake. Protein is largely responsible for muscle gain so if your lacking in this macronutrient, a whey protein supplement can help.
  2. Preworkout’s function is to increase the energy you have, it is often caffeine based and mixed with other ingredients to provide increased mood and cognition. I would use this sparingly and cycle off of it in order to prevent building a tolerance to it.
  3. Branched Chain Amino Acids can help facilitate muscle gain and can give a good mood boost during the workout. Despite BCAA’s being found in animal meats like beef and chicken, this type of supplement can help facilitate the growth of your muscles provided that you are training both smart and hard.
  4. Creatine helps with giving your energy cells a boost. This could be beneficial for running, jumping however in the case of building muscles, it can provide you with a more “pumped” appearance that can serve for actual muscle building. Creatine can be found in animal fats so I would not rate this very important for muscle building unless you follow a Vegan or vegeterian diet.


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