A Woman’s Guide To Creatine Supplementation (Infographic)

FAQ infographic giving details on creatine supplementation for women.

As somebody who takes creatine a few times a year, I decided to look into it’s benefits and ways that other women can benefit from taking it.

Creatine Side effects: Truth Vs Myth

First, I have to admit that there is so much misinformation out there even in regards to female supplementation. With some sources saying that creatine can lead to weight gain, I decided to hold onto my anecdotal experience with it and spent time finding out why these misconceptions still exist.

My experience with creatine is positive, always leading to positive muscle gain and enough energy to push through the extra reps of a hard workout. It is thus in my view that a creatine supplement, taken properly, is an asset to building a sexy physique. In my opinion, the side-effects of creatine can in most cases be avoided.

Water Retention may be the hardest side effect to avoid, however, it is not impossible.

Nobody wants to gain weight for no reason, especially not a woman dedicated enough to want to look into fitness supplements.

While there is evidence that creatine supplementation can make one look bloated due to water retention, I offer the perspective that proper hydration eliminates that, though not always entirely.

Water retention is not a big problem because the muscle gains from creatine will ultimately complement the female body. Women do not make as much testosterone as men do so her body will look just like she envisioned it would, there have been no magical ‘she-hulk’ transformations from creatine that I have heard of.

Creatine in women does result in thicker looking muscles, this is temporary and will dissolve when stopped. Muscle gain remains after you stop if you were consistent with your training, sleeping properly eating at a calorie surplus.

Try following some of the tips stated in my infographic regarding dosing and hydration.

Final Thoughts

I would like to add that the aim of my blog is to create a healthy-minded fitness community, so I would never push supplementation onto anybody who does not resonate with the idea of it.

Remember, creatine is a naturally occurring element found in beef and chicken. Supplementation helps you get the benefits of this with less animal-fat consumption.

I advise choosing a creatine supplement in powder form instead of capsule as you can easily mix it with your pre-workout or protein powder.

Let me know your thoughts on today’s post below.


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