Before and After Strength Training: My 3 Year Body Transformation


I was looking through my pictures.

On the left side: I was very unhappy and had gained a lot weight. I remember making the decision to get into the best shape of my life. I did that.

The girl on the right is me now: happier than ever, having maintained a 12 kilo weight loss and having developed a happy lifestyle, 3 years later.

Fitness to me meant transforming myself.

Putting myself first.

I want to share with you one secret, and that is, all that you need to know will be available online.

What you need is the belief that you are WORTH it.

You are. Just believe in yourself.

I know I didn’t at one point, and now, I quit smoking, I quit beating myself up, I quit hating myself.

I made that step, one in many, and I think you can too.

I believe in you like I did in myself.

YOU are your priority. It all starts with a decision and it keeps becoming decisions.

Remember: YOU are your own lifetime investment. No one will force you to lose weight unless you decide that you want to.


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