My Four Year Fitness Transformation (with pictures)

I have been lifting weights for the last four years. The first picture was taken in 2015, at around the same time that Michelle Lewin had been posting her beautiful toned body allover Instagram. What I did not anticipate was how much of a non-linear journey it would be and how many personal obstacles I would face in the following years which of course, shaped me for the better.

Towards the beginning of 2016, I had been developing more muscle tone and growing more and more confident in my new fit persona. I was still consuming meat and dairy though.

Fast forward to 2019 and I now have transitioned into Veganism and have gained more self confidence than I had when I first started my journey. I have also aimed to gain more muscle in my body and I am so incredibly pleased with how far this process has come. The reality is that gains are indeed progressively slower the stronger you get. This was unfortunate to me when I first started training for my half-marathon, seeing as though I had been building muscle for so long and did not want to lose it. I still plan on training for the half-marathon, I however, want to prioritize maintaining and even gaining more muscle mass.

2019 to me was a year of inner change, which included my decision to quit smoking and meat and dairy. It was the year for lifestyle change and transformation. Fitness-wise, I prioritized training glutes, and am proud of the gains, these are pictured the second part of the after photo.

I do not know how much more I can progress as time goes by, I still have goals to pack on the muscle and be fit for life. If this picture shows me anything, it is that time, patience and consistency are not marketing myths meant to sell you products, they are actually the key to success. I hope that you begin this journey towards overall fitness, as it is definitely one that can shape you for the better. I do not regret committing to myself at all, if anything, I would recommend lifting weights as the best way to becoming the best version of yourself, and as always, I hope that my blog offers this kind of inspiration towards my readers.


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