It Feels Great to Have Quit Smoking Cigarettes.

I posted about quitting cigarettes a while ago.

I haven’t touched a single one in over a month.

Quitting cigarettes to me is probably the hardest/most rewarding thing I have ever done.

I can actually breathe. I actually have way more energy and I feel good in my skin.

When I used to smoke cigarettes, alongside my training, I was inducing a type of stupidity on myself that I hated way more than anything.

How can you convince yourself that smoking a cigarette is something worth doing?

Cognitive Dissonance. I learnt that being in touch with my body and my mind and whatever center it is that I find, is way more important to me than that short term gratification.

I quit and I am proud.  I feel no need, I am not even tempted when I go out in the evening and socialise.

A decision I should have made a long time ago but made one month ago. Present Tara is proud.

What really really helped me quit smoking is the desire to not feel like crap.

Quite simply, two weeks of depression and agony are worth more to me than compromising my health for the rest of my life, especially because I train for long periods of time.


Three days to convince your mind you can. Two weeks for your body to adapt. I’m still learning. Take it day by day. My advice is to plan your quit beforehand, know that it is hard and remind yourself that it is a life-long commitment to your health.

Say no daily. Same way you brush your teeth, you say no to a cigarette, especially around smokers.


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