Lean Muscle Building Plan (Printable)

I have decided to share with you a small template which simplifies the muscle building lifestyle and breaks it down into actionable steps that you can take on a daily basis. Doing just a few of these, if not all is already setting you up for success with building muscle.

I have created this template to simplify the foods that you must eat in order to gain mass and the steps that you can take to incorporate these foods into your daily routine. One of the steps that I mentioned is calculating your protein needs, in order to do that, I have shared with you a link to a useful calculator that can help calculate the exact number of grams needed per day.

Once you have calculated your daily needs, choosing from the list of high-protein food and snacks will only be a matter of preference. I hope that these small steps are simplifying the fitness lifestyle enough so that it is less intimidating and perhaps more enjoyable, the internet is definitely a good tool to use in order to facilitate your achievement of long-term fitness goals.

I mention using Youtube and Pinterest for finding recipes because once you have an idea of what kind of foods you need to be eating, it becomes a matter of choosing a recipe that suits your lifestyle. While both platforms have a large variety of choices, they are also a fun way of exploring the variety of healthy foods that can become a part of your lifestyle.

Happy training!


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