Follow Along-Style Video for Building Glutes

Try this video if you want to build glutes from your home, it requires at least 15 minutes including stretching and the workout.

Why Glutes?

The prevalence of glutes training articles in 2019 first held me back from posting my video, I however find that any form of exercise is good despite its popularity.

Additionally, I find that building glutes for women much like building biceps for men is a nice and attainable objective for women to have. So for any woman looking to build her behind, this video is for you, it is a circuit style workout that targets the glutes from many angles.

How do the exercises in this video target the glutes?

We are targeting the glutes laterally and from vertical and horizontal angles. All that is required for this workout is a resistance band or ankle weights, however, work at your level as always and if you do not have equipment, you can perform this using your bodyweight.

Benefits of Circuit Training

The benefits of circuit-training for beginners is that it gets your body in motion at a higher intensity. Additionally, circuit-training mimics high intensity training which is also highly recommended for burning fat.

If you find that the blocks of exercise are being performed too fast for you in the video, then by all means, work at your level. I emphasize the subjective aspect of exercise as often as I can, providing you with as much motivation as it takes me to get moving every morning.

Enjoy the glute burn that inevitably comes after this type of training and let me know if there is any particular body part of style of training that you have enjoyed from me or would like to have me post from now on.


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