Three Lower Body Exercise Variations (Video)

In today’s demonstration video, I demonstrate proper form of three lower body exercises and show different ways of performing them.

Among these exercises are the squat, bridge and adductor. These exercises mainly target the gluteus muscle, the adductor and the hamstrings. The video is posted below:

The variations in the demonstration are not technically difficult, often times, a simple change in foot placement, use of bands or making the exercise unilateral can be enough to add variety to your routine.

I picked these exercises to perform because they target the glutes and as they are becoming increasingly popular to train, so why not learn how to tweak our technique. The exercises below can best be done in sets of three, at a rep range from 10-20.

The Exercises and their variations:

1. Squat:

Narrow stance

Sumo stance

Regular stance

2) Bridge:

Banded Regular Bridge

Single leg bridge

Banded regular bridge+adductor

3) Abductor Exercises:

Banded laying hip abductor

Banded seated hip abductor


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