3 Stretches for a Strong and Healthy Core

I wanted to show you my favourite moves for a strong and healthy lower back. I think that the benefits of a healthy lower back are understated. A healthy lower back adds longevity to your fitness lifestyle and if that is what you are seeking, then definitely give these a go as soon as possible.

I have chosen to demonstrate the cobra pose, side plank/plank and boat pose as these three are excellent for a healthy spine and core strength and they’re pretty easy to do so that’s good news for beginners.

You’ll even notice that these exercises are the pillars of both Yoga and Pilates fitness classes for the reason that they also aid with posture which can make you look more attractive to the opposite sex.

I would recommend increasing the amount of seconds that you hold these poses based off of your current fitness levels, so start with 20 but then add small increments over time and try to build your way towards holding each pose for 1 minute.



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