3 at home strength-training workouts to try this summer

I have chosen to share with you three of last month’s at home workouts. Each of these workouts serve a different function: one is an upper body training session, the other lower body and the final one is an HIIT/abs workout.

Being in quarantine has given me the time and space to film some of my favourite exercises that I would perform at the gym. If you do prefer to workout from the comfort of your own homes, then I suggest giving these workouts a shot. Without further ado, here are my personal favourite at home workouts that I created this June.

I designed these for beginners with little access to gym equipment. I also suggest following through the entire Instagram workouts as I made sure to film these workouts progressively with the goal of giving beginners a chance to follow a solid strength-training program.

At Home Workout 1: Abs&HIIT workout

Equipment necessary for this Abs&HIIT workout: resistance band and bench (optional).

Workout 2: Upper Body Workout

Equipment necessary for this upper body workout: resistance band, bench and mat (optional).

Workout 3: Lower Body Workout

Equipment necessary for this lower body workout: light dumbbells, resistance band and a bench.

A few words on strength-training

The benefits of strength training are numerous and I hope that you stick to the habit of training for the sake of improved long-term health, bones and joints. Strength training also provides you with more confidence and a healthier outlook.

As an advocate of this type of training over any other, I hope that you find a program that works with your schedule and time after gyms re-open. If gyms are intimidating for you, then my hope is that the workouts that I posted can be followed through. My page provides workouts that create enough stimulus to see results provided that you are consistent with them over the next few months.

Let me know what you thought of these strength-training workouts in the comments section below.

Love, Tara

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