What to Eat in a Day for Muscle Gain (Lebanon)

Hey guys,

In order to put on muscle, you have to be eating whole-foods in a calorie excess. The ideal rule of thumb to follow for muscle gain is to have a balanced high-protein diet.

As a woman, in order to accelerate muscle building, you can also consume a high-fat diet as it enhances your oestrogen. Contrary to popular misconceptions, oestrogen does not inhibit muscle growth. It instead works hard at accelerating your body’s muscle growth process.

The ideal ratio for women to put on healthy, lean muscle is : High Protein/ Moderate-High Carb/Moderate-High Fat

Use this calculator to figure out your ideal calorie intake for muscle building. I will dedicate my next post to fat loss.

A day in the life of female muscle-building in Lebanon looks like this. It, in no way is depriving nor does it promote toxic diet culture .


Oatmeal and toppings

or: Protein Pancakes

or: Greek yoghurt with fruits

Snack 1:

Protein Shake

or Protein Bar


Salmon poke bowl

Grilled Chicken Breast/ (vegeterian option: Grilled Fallafel) with Hummus and baked sweet potato

cooked food with sliced tomatoes
Picture of falafel with vegetables.

Snack 2:

Protein Shake

or Protein Bar


Tabbouleh Salad, Shish Taouk, Moutabbal/ Hummus

or: Kofta with white rice and fattoush salad

Snack 3:

Protein Shake or


This is just a sample daily eating plan, it is not restrictive, nor is it limiting in terms of food options.

I hope that you found this useful! Please let know what you thought about this post in the comments section below!


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