7 Positive Things that Happen to You Once You Go Vegan

Steps to achieving a vegan healthy lifestyle


Becoming a vegan is a decision that I do not regret at all, it is a choice that has given me way more energy and vitality than I had while I ate meat. Human beings are omnivorous and have the capacity to make decisions related to their diet that can either endanger their health or bring value into their own lives.

Becoming vegan, I feel vibrant, happy and energetic, all of this because I decided to cut out meat, eggs, dairy and fish from my diet. Here are 7 wonderful things that can happen to you once you decide to make that transition:

1) You will get compliments about your skin tone and bright eyes.

You will notice a shine in your eyes and your skin will be glowing as a result of all the healthy fruits and vegetables that you are consuming.

2) You will feel more drawn to animals.

I noticed that once I became vegan, I felt more drawn to my dog and other animals, without worrying about them in a conscious way. The guilt I have towards the suffering of animals is not there anymore as I know that I can thrive without having to eat them.

3) You will feel and look more attractive.

There is something about the combination of exercise and a plant-based diet that does something to my energy levels, I feel a combination of light, happy and energetic and vibrant, which kind of radiates to people around me. That light-feeling is contagious and coupled with daily exercise can give you an attractive glow.

4) If you suffer from acne, especially cystic types, it will go away.

The inflammation that comes from animal-based products will slowly dissipate as the build-up in your body of those toxic elements will be released/detoxified with your vegan lifestyle. Your skin will not only clear up, it will change in texture, as a result of the removal of animal-products from your diet alone.

5) You reduce your chance of developing diabetes and types of cancer.

What’s more attractive than good health and investing in the long-term well-being of those around you as well?

6) You lose weight.

Even if you did not intend on it, if you are making healthy vegan choices such as eating fruits, veggies, legumes and grains as part of your diet, you will notice the weight loss.

7) You will become part of a community that is committed towards benefiting the environment.

Being a Vegan is making a choice about abstaining from eating animals, thus, you will be part of a global community of millions of other people who are committed to helping the environment. Your choices reduce the degradation of the environment that is being done through crop-destruction for  millions of animals that are needlessly slaughtered daily. A vegan’s carbon foot-print is the smallest, you therefore need less to survive. You can thrive knowing that you are giving the next generations of people a chance to enjoy living on this planet as well.

A Bonus benefit besides being an awesome, healthy, confident and ethical worldwide citizen is:

8) Vegans live longer.

If you are to properly execute your healthy vegan lifestyle, you can add 10 more years to your life as a result of your choice. Focus on your health and watch how it brings value to your daily life and those around you as a result.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post on the 7 Positive Things that Happen to You Once You Go Vegan, please let me know what you thought about it in the comments below! 


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