Super Easy Abs Workout for Beginners (Video)

Try this quick at home abs routine to get a head-start to your day.

Today I thought I would film a quick video on good exercises for strengthening the core. I picked my top three super-easy ab exercises to create a quick video for beginners. In the video, I have demonstrated an easy workout that can be done anywhere as it does not require any equipment.

This workout is for beginners, it is super easy and can be part of your exercise regimen especially if you find yourself sitting a lot of the day, try this out if you are in need of any movement.

The Workout:

1.Side Plank (Hold each side for 20 seconds)

This works the obliques portion of abs.

2. 20 Regular Crunches

This works the rectus adominus (mid-section) of abs.

3. 24 Bicycle Crunches (12 on each side)

This works the obliques portion of abs.

Take a 60 second rest after the first circuit and repeat circuit two or three times in total.


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