My Top Four Favorite Lebanese Fitness Blogs

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to share with you my four favorite Lebanese fitness blogs. These bloggers range from an adidas athlete to a bikini model championship winner to a super-fit Lebanese award-winning blogger to a passionate fitness-lover who started her own online community.

These are just a few of the things that these ambitious and fit Lebanese bloggers have done while in pursuit of their dreams.

I hope that you can find their websites and blogs as inspiring as I do as these bloggers work tirelessly to make their content as accesible and beneficial to their followers.

Without further ado, here are my four favorite Lebanese fitness bloggers. Make sure to also check out their social media accounts too and get ready to get inspired to get into shape.

1. Baraa El Sabbagh


What is Baraa El Sabagh’s blog about?

Baraa El Sabagh is a dietician, sports nutritionist and personal trainer. She has a website dedicated to sharing workout programs, training and nutrition advice and awesome recipes (along with having written a wonderful recipe book called Super Recipes).

She also has a podcast called B for Better Health where she has guests discuss topics like leg day frequency, meditation, PCOS and rest days.

On top of having a blog, Baraa is very active on Instagram. She is an Adidas athlete and gives her 65,000 Instagram followers intense weekly workouts .

Instagram handle:

Baraa’s Instagram


Baraa’s official website

2. Beirut Fitness

(beirutfitness, 2020)

What is Beirut Fitness about?

Beirut Fitness is a blog started by Christine Maalouf in 2014. She graduated from the American University of Beirut with a degree in Media and Communications.

Christine belives in the transformative power of lifting weights and eating healthy. She managed to lose 6 kilos in just 3 months by lifting weights and eating right.

On her blog, she shares her beautiful and healthy recipes, exercise routines and motivational posts. She is also a fitness instructor with great taste in leggings.

She reviews her favorite leggings brands as well as her favorite healthy food items and places she travels to.

Finally, she documents the ins and out of Beirut’s fitness scene that she is active in. She has also created her own fitness community on social media!

Instagram handle:



Beirut Fitness

3. Start Living Right

(mayanassarfitness, 2020)

What is Start Living Right about?

Start Living Right is a website created by fitness entrepeneur Maya Nassar. Nassar won the Pure Elite bikini competition in 2014 in the UK and is a fitness cover model in Lebanon.

She is also an ex-host of TV show Get Fit on MTV and is owner of Start Living Right gym.

Start living right’s website has multiple resources discussing strength training, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. Nassar offers free training and nutrition tools.

She also writes about the benefits of strength training and offers practical advice on topics like how to use fitness equipment and how to build muscle.

Instagram handles:

Start Living Right Instagram

Founder Maya Nassar’s Instagram


Start Living Right

4.Fares Saad Healthy Living

(faresgsaad, 2020)

What is the Healthy Lifestyle blog about?

The Healthy Lifestyle is an award-winning health blog specializing in fitness transformations and encouraging good health in Lebanon. It was created by fitness coach Fares Saad and offers professional coaching and online consultations.

The Healthy Lifestyle has won two awards: it won the award for being one of the top 75 Lebanese blogs and for being one of the 100 top healthy lifestyle blogs.

If you are looking to undergo a fitness transformation, the Healthy Lifestyle blog’s fitness transformation section will inspire that in you.

With pages full of motivational transformations from Saad’s clients featured on his website, you can see how awesome Healthy Lifestyle is also at transforming peoples’ lives. A free consultation is also offered to guests on the website.

Finally, check out the blog section for cool tips on how to optimize your lifestyle. For men, check out Fares Saad’s 10 year fitness transformation for even more motivation to get into shape.

Instagram handle:

Healthy Lifestyle


Healthy Lifestyle

What did you guys think of what these four Lebanese fitness bloggers’ have accomplished so far? Let me know in the comments below.


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