7 Gym Skin Care Rules for a Clearer Complexion

We all go to the gym to feel and look our absolute best, yet how often do we pay attention to our skin while we are working out? I, for instance, always focus on getting the best amount of repetitions, high amounts of volume and the best possible training while I am at the gym.

I however, started to notice how my skin felt before and after my workout. Despite the fact that our skin is flowing and glowing with healthy endorphins while we lift our weights, the gym can also be a cesspool for all kinds of bacteria. We need to be more aware of the potential damage some of the things we are exposed to in the gym environment can do to our beautiful complexions.

7 Gym Rules for Clear Skin:

Rule #1: Hydrate and breathe deep during rest periods. (choose one/try both but never none)

Rule #2: Try not to use gym towels to wipe your face (gym towels are often cleaned using industrial chemicals)

Rule #3: Always remove any make-up before you work out. You can simply re-apply after you are done with your training.

Rule #4: Make sure to re-apply sunscreen after workout as most of it will need to be reabsorbed.

Rule #5: Ditch the dairy! (try consuming alternative protein powder forms)

Rule #6: Be conscious of your gym environment.Bacteria can come from weights, mats, the pollution in the air.

Rule #7:Make sure not to touch your face while you train, especially if you have acne-prone skin.

For people with acne prone skin, for instance, I highly suggest following these rules as I myself have struggled with acne in the past. While a lot of what goes on in the gym regarding your body is hormonal, these rules will definitely help you avoid some potential flare-ups and breakouts.

Remember that the gym is for building and becoming your best self, so by following these simple rules, you will not have to deal with some embarrassing acne-related problems caused by excess testosterone, high cortisol and dirty towels/mats when you are building your body.

Because every gym rat deserve healthy skin!


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