Beginner Transformation Ebook (Free)

Goal: Fitness Transformation for Beginners

The aim of this ebook is to get beginners to enjoy the fitness benefits without feeling intimidated at the gym or confused with all the fitness information circulating around. I have designed a free program to get beginners into the fitness mindset without having to set foot in a gym. My wish is that beginners take charge of their health and fitness to reap the benefits of a healthy attractive body at home.

What does it include?

The program lasts 3 months and it is equipped with a shopping list, stretches and a cardio routine. The program is body-weight, muscle building program designed to optimise your health and fitness in a very un-intimidating way. Once you finish this program, you can advance in whichever way you chose, if that involves trying out a gym or trying out a more advanced program.

Exercise Selection and Nutrition

The exercises can all be altered but they are all bodyweight exercises. Contrary to what you may be seeing on Instagram or Youtube, bodyweight can be effective for building muscle mass as long as it is paired with a high protein diet, the only prerequisite I have for this program is that you equip yourself with a positive attitude and enjoy seeing your body transform.


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