5 Benefits of Training At Home (Vs. The Gym)

Hey guys,

Amidst the uncertainty that the quarantine has provided us with, it has at least guaranteed a base to start training from for those who were previously unable to attend a gym.

Home workouts are now one of the more trending types of Instagram content and people are enjoying being fit from home. While some gyms have opened up, I find that working out from home has it’s own set of benefits that those who choose to remain at home can benefit from in the long-term.

Here is a list of 5 benefits of home-training and ways to stay motivated in order to reap these long-term and positive benefits. Also included are ways to stay motivated from home.

Most of the benefits can largely be summed up with how they pertain to the privacy that home training guarantees. Additionally, another few benefits are how flexible home-training is to any type of outfit and how it saves time for transportation to and from the gym.

Among the other benefits that I found to home-training are flexibility in music choice and guarantee of workout equipment (provided that your at home equipment fits your goals). I personally dislike commercial gym music, I used to loathe hearing it over my earphones, I no longer have to deal with this issue from home and can enjoy any song that I like sans interruption.

Provided that you are consistent with your at home workouts, those once unmotivated to start their training due to logistics can now develop the healthy habits that were robbed by procrastination and/or serious traffic/transportation challenges.

Among my favourite tips to stay motivated include daily affirmations, use of visualisation techniques and storing motivational reminders on my phone. What this automatically does is set me up for a positive-oriented mindset. Furthermore, it ensures that procrastination and laziness do not prevent me from getting my butt to my workout area at home.

As soon as you set your mind up for training, obstacles such as transportation or crappy gym music no longer prevent you from achieving your training goals. An added bonus is the time-saved from home workouts in the larger-scale. Finally, your choice to set up a nice at home-gym can benefit your family members in the long-term.

Let me know what your thoughts of 5 benefits of training at home (vs.the gym) are by posting a comment below.




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