3 Best Forms of Cardio for Fat Loss +Workouts!

Number 1: The Treadmill

The treadmill will always be one of my favourite pieces of equipment only because it is fun to switch workouts up with it’s various functions. Among my favourite functions of the treadmill, especially in newer models is the interval speed adjustment function, if you have this option, I would recommend using the treadmill for high intensity interval training a few times a week.

The treadmill is the ultimate fat loss machine, whether you want to do long stretches of cardio or short bursts of running depends on your goal, the treadmill never disappoints. Within a few months of doing this twice or three times a week, you should see a decrease in fat.

Fat Burning High Intensity Interval Workout:

Warm up for 5 minutes.

Repeat for four/six rounds at a 1 minute walk/30 second run interval.

Start with a 1 minute walk at 3 miles (5 km) per hour. Then input a high speed to run at, you should feel as though you are nearly out of breath for this minute (try 5 miles (8 km) per hour if you are a beginner).

Repeat for four rounds and work your way up to six rounds.

Cool down for 5 minutes and stretch.

Number 2: The Stair Master

Stairmaster Stepmill gympros photo in health club
This machine really helps targets the glutes and lower body!

The Stair Master is one of the more challenging pieces of equipment to use at the gym, however, the amount of stimulus it provides to your glutes and quads is quite beneficial and it trumps the treadmill for that reason, in my opinion.

I highly recommend using this machine especially if you are building muscle in your lower body, I find that it does not interfere with already- existing musculature.

Try this challenging workout if you get bored of the monotony, it is quite challenging however I do think that varying intensities and steps can help make a workout with this machine more enjoyable.

Number 3: The Elliptical Machine

Image result for elliptical

A good way of using the elliptical is by adding an incline, by adding multiple intervals or both.

I would advise using a 1 minute high intensity to 30 second low intensity ratio for beginners and gradually building my way up to a 30 seconds/30 seconds ratio.

I would also highly encourage adding incline for resistance and pushing the torso forward to provide glute emphasis. The reason I would advise the elliptical instead of a bike is that it can be used after lower-body training without creating an interference effect.

I recommend using it either for 20 minutes at one speed with an incline of 7-8 or using 1 minute/30 second varied intensity for 5-6 rounds. Make sure to cool down and stretch regardless of which one you choose.


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