Muscle Building Guide for Women

Here are some famous fitness influencers that have gained muscle and how their bodies look after eating at a surplus and lifting heavy weights.

Image result for kathryn and kendra before after muscle gain"
Instagram Influencer: @kk_fit. Fitness model before and after bulking. On the right side, Kendra has eaten calories and trained hard in order to have put on that amount of mass.
Image result for woman before after muscle gain"
Model: Unknown. This woman grew her glutes and legs. This is what muscle gain looks like under clothes, the opposite of bulky.
Image result for woman before after muscle gain"
Instagram Fitness lnfluencer: @abby. Incredible 3 year glutes transformation. Her genetics and lifestyle resulted in her glute size.

Additional Tools: Use a TDEE calculator to measure your maintenance calories. Eat at 300-500 calories more than this in order to gain muscle size.

In addition to the tips on the Infographic, I recommend not weighing yourself during the muscle building phase and I recommend using a measuring tape to measure progress instead. Do not freak out over a larger size as that is the aim of gaining muscle, it looks more attractive than being underweight.


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