How to Achieve the Fit Thick Aesthetic

4 years of lifting weights transformed my body to curvy, fit and healthy.

Hey guys,

As I’ve managed to grow my muscles over the last 4 years, I have noticed how fitness really does come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. While I started strength training in order to try to lose weight, I noticed how over the years, different trends started to emerge within the fitness world.

I noticed how there were a variety of different exercises, fitness crazes, trends, body shapes and never have I believed so strongly in fitness being a dynamic process that is inevitably going to change as time progresses.

What is Fit Thick?

It is a curvy and toned aesthetic that I believe was popularised by Kim Kardashian, it describes an hourglass body shape attained by lower body and glute focus with a smaller waist.

Despite Kim Kardashian having had surgery done to attain her figure, fitness enthusiasts worldwide have become drawn to this type of aesthetic because it is quite frankly, quite feminine.

While an athletic body is indeed a sign of health and fertility for both genders, a large butt and a toned waist does add a touch of sex appeal to the physique. This aesthetic was popularized I believe by World Famous trainer Bret Contreras, who is also the inventor of the Hip Thrust exercise, author and Glute expert.

Fit Thick Celebrities

What Bret Contreras did in a number of years is popularize having a round and shapely butt. This aesthetic differs from the cartoonish Kim Kardashian bottle shape that was achieved with a Brazilian Butt Lift. Fit thick celebrities include Vida Guerra, Jessica Alba and Paige Hathaway. I would even add that some WWE divas have this fit thick aesthetic, with predominantly less body fat. Here is a picture of Vida Guerra at the beach, her body is what many women in 2019 are achieving and aiming for with a structured fitness program and healthy lifestyle.

Image result for vida guerra curves"
Vida Guerra works out and has done some hard work at the gym to develop her glutes.

How Do I Become “Fit Thick”?

In order to achieve this type of aesthetic, prioritize progressive overload and make sure to do a lot of glute-targetting exercises. For nutrition, I suggest making a healthy, balanced lifestyle your priority and to forget about misconceptions regarding bulking up at the gym. Having believed that strength training would make her manly, Vida Guerra would not be known as one of the most beautiful and succesful fitness models to date who looks quite feminine, her large fanbase is only proof of her appeal.

Instead of fearing weights, follow progressive overload. Progressive overload is a principle that stipulates that strength gains over time will lead in desireable physical transformation. You can attain progressive overload by being consistent with your fitness program, aiming to increase in volume, intensity or weight over time. My favorite mindset is a process-oriented one, so focus on small gains over time and they will ultimately create that big picture.

As for the exercises that can be used to attain the Fit Thick look, I suggest that you check out my free beginner’s Glute workout and to also make sure to check out Bret Contreras on Instagram as I have him to thank for my glute development.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post on How to Achieve the Fit Thick Aesthetic, please let me know what you thought about it in the comments section below!




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