Beginners Bodybuilders Workout for Big Glutes

I decided to share with you one of my favourite Glutes workouts for mass. This workout is created mainly for beginners, however, intermediate and advanced trainees can also benefit from this glute-burning routine. I would recommend doing this at least three times a week for 3 months. Eat at a calorie surplus of around 300-500 calories during that period and minimize your cardio if your aim is to build and sculpt a nice booty.

I would activate the glutes using the following 3 minute sequence in the video below.

Try this short warm up routine aimed at pre-exhausting the glutes before starting the workout.
It took me 4 years to go from pancake-butt to full and curvy, patience is the name of the game.

Here is a before and after picture of my four year training transformation with an emphasis on glute-training. I went from having no butt to having a quite big one using all of these exercises so I definitely would try this out at least a few times a week for these kind of results.


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