5 Signs of Overtraining (And How To Recover ASAP)

I would like to address a common issue that many fitness lovers endure today and that is of over-training. Over-training is way more common that one would think and can drastically hinder one’s ability to recover from those difficult training sessions. Beyond that, over-training, especially if you are a natural athlete is a state of training regression that can be prevented.

I have created this infographic to share a few ways to reduce total stress accumulation so that your fitness lifestyle can be more enjoyable, because why do we need that extra stress in our lives?

While the topic of over-training is often not spoken about, I would like to address how over-training is not an issue of “[lack of] will-power or motivation”, it is actually is a serious issue that can develop from lack of rest, lack of food and too much volume or all of the above. It becomes problematic when it is not addressed and can easily be fixed with a week of doing one of the 3 recommended strategies, among which is taking a deload week which describes a total reduction of volume in training to reduce overall stress on the body.

If you are struggling to stay motivated at the gym, are depressed or are feeling sore all the time and suspect that the cause is overtraining, you can simply try eating more food, increasing sleep or taking a deload week to get back to training optimally next week.


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  1. Christy B says:

    Taking a rest day is important and I like that you include mention of the foam roller too!

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    1. Glad you agree, thank you for leaving a comment! ❤️

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      1. Christy B says:

        Happy to encourage one another, Tara

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