5 Minute Mobility Routine (Video Tutorial)

Hey guys.

I created a 5 minute mobility routine that can be performed before your workout or simply to get movement during the day. Try this routine if you want to improve your squat depth, to relieve tight hips and lower back or simply just to improve flexibility and joint function.

The routine consists of both functional exercises and stretches, it super easy and can be done at all levels.

Here is the routine followed by the video:

-Leg Swings (10 repetition each side)

-Squat Stretch (Hold for a count of 10 seconds)

-Squat to Forward Fold (10 repetitions)

-Low Lunge (Hold for a count of three breaths)

-Cobra (Hold for a count of 20 seconds)

-Pigeon Stretch (Hold for a count of three breaths)

-Bird-dog (Perform 10 repetitions on each side)

Video demonstrating the stretches/poses:

I am demonstrating the mobility routine in this quick 5 minute follow-along style video.

The benefits of engaging in any type of mobility practice extends itself to performance improvement and a general increase in flexibility. I would not skip mobility nor would I limit it to just any one of these exercises, I personally perform the low lunge, pigeon stretch and an additional hip stretch before every lower body training session.

I hope that you enjoy this 5 Minute Mobility Routine, please let me know what you thought about it in the comments section below.


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