7 Incredible Female Fitness Models and Their Training Routines

As a self-professed fitness freak with a passion for physiques, I have decided to share with you, my readers, my favourite female physiques of all time. Here are my seven favourite fitness models from three different corners of the world. 

What I decided to share was not just their incredible physiques but their training and diets so that you can get a glimpse of just how hard they have worked to look the way that they do and become successful in their fields. 

This list is not in order of preference because you will notice that each woman has a different aesthetic, look and style that makes them each unique. 

Cultural differences aside, they have each worked so hard to attain a healthy and curvy figure, so that is why I chose to write about them. Enjoy. 

  1. Michelle Lewin (Fitness Model/ Bodybuilder) 

michelle lewin.png

Her Nationality: Venezuelan

Her Training Style: Trains for Hypertrophy

Her Diet: Michelle Lewin follows a  strict diet with emphasis on healthy/high-protein food choices. Her food choices are not restrictive unless she needs to achieve a certain aesthetic for a photo shoot or competition.

Her Training Routine: Lewin follows a strength training routine and trains 5-6 times a week. Her strength training routine consists of lower body compound movements, abs and upper body. She also enjoys doing  high-intensity cardio.

Michelle Lewin’s Advice to her Fans: “It is really important to first feel happy mentally about yourself. If you are not happy, then why are you doing it? At the end of the day, happiness is what we all strive for, right?” (madnessmedia.net/2017)

2. Paige Hathaway (Youtuber/Fitness Model)

paige hathaway.png
Her Nationality: American

Her Diet: Paige Hathaway follows a Pescatarian diet. She also believes in the 80/20 rule where she would eat healthy 80% of the time and allow herself to indulge for 20% of that time.

Her Training Style: Hypertrophy

Her Advice: She advises her fans to embrace fitness as a lifestyle.

Her Training Routine:  Strength training/Plyometrics/Cardio/Boxing

3. Ashley Kaltwasser (IFBB Pro Fitness Winner/Fitness Competitor/Model )


Her Nationality: American

Her Training Style: Strength training and bodybuilding 

Her Training Routine: She lifts weights four times a week, she also performs cardio 3 times a week. She takes one rest day.

Her Diet:  Her eating varies with her goals, however, she always makes sure to consume high-protein meals.


4. Sommer Rae (Model/Youtuber)


Her Nationality: American

Her Training Style: Glute-specific hypertrophy and general bodybuilding. 

Her Diet: Sommer Ray consumes lean Protein and control carbs. She is known for her impressive glutes so she does not restrict herself in order to stay looking curvy, healthy and strong.

Her Advice: She believes in the importance of self-love no matter what you look like.

Her Training: She trains for hypetrophy.  She has a thicker lower body so she prioritises squats, lunges and other lower body based workouts. In addition, she does not shy away from using the stairmaster or the abductor machine and is also a huge fan of isolation exercises.


5. Anllela Sagra (Model/Fitness Trainer) 


Nationality: Venezuela

Her Diet: Anllela eats frequent meals that are high in protein, her diet primarily consists of chicken breast, egg whites and shakes.

She is an also an avid fan of carb cycling, she believes that diet is 80% of the equation and her body really is a testament of how disciplined she is in that domain.

Her Training Style: Sagra is known as an aesthetic athlete meaning that she focusses less on performance and more on the definition, shape and symmetry in her body. She is known for being the best aesthetic fitness model in the world. She therefore trains by body part, her focus is on physique so her fitness is mainly lifting weights. She is known for her shredded abs, my duty is to my readers so I should mention that achieving and maintaing Sagra’s level of aestheticism is highly difficult to maintain if not involved in the fitness profession. She still is a remarkable example of how hard work and nutrition can mold the female body into something highly aesthetic.


6. Heba Ali (Fitness Model/Bodybuilder/Powerlifter/Online Entrepeneur) 

hiba ali.png

Her Nationality: Jordanian/American

Her Training Style:Heba Ali is not your typical bodybuilder, she specializes in Hybrid Training which is a combination of functional strength training and power lifting.

Her Training Routine: She makes sure to incorporate sprinting, heavy barbell lifts, power-lifting and a variety of disciplines such as balance and mobility. She is a well-rounded athlete with a physique that shows her strength. She also does not shy away from hypertrophy, she prioritises certain body parts and trains them to look the way they do.

Her Nutrition: Heba’s diet is mainly composed of high protein,moderate carbs and moderate fats. When she is working towards aesthetic goals, she will make sure to change her calorie intake, for instance, she will eat more calories during a bulk when she is planning on putting on mass.

7. Maya Nassar (Fitness Model/Entrepeneur/ Sports Nutritionist/) 


Her Nationality: Dutch-Lebanese

Her Training Style: Hypertrophy 

Her Training Routine: Maya Nassar lifts weights five times a week and performs cardio two to three times. 

Her Diet: Her diet is quite healthy and well-rounded as she mainly consumes wholesome foods which include fruits, vegetables, healthy carbs, protein and fats. 

Her advice for achieving a nice body: “Eat clean, train hard and do a lot of weights”







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