5 Key Fitness Tips For Women (Tik Tok Round Up)

Hey guys,

This week’s blog post is a round up of Tara’s Fit World’s Tiktok content. These short videos are centered around the topics of hypertrophy, mindset, progressive overload, intensity and self care. I hope that you find them useful!


What are the benefits of strength training? I go over a few reasons why it’s beneficial both on the inside and outside. ❤️ #gym #fitness #advice

♬ Aesthetic – Xilo

How important is self care in our fitness lifestyles? Share your thoughts on this below! ❤️ #gym #fitness #selfcare #train #relax

♬ Taste It – Ikson

Why we should aim to be internally focused for better results with our training. Only a few exceptions to this! Do you agree? #fitness #mindset #gym

♬ La vie en rose – Zaz

Why progressive overload is important and how we can apply it to our weight training programs. High stimulus = high adaptations. #gym #fitness #gains

♬ Astronomia – Chiky Dee Jay

A short talk about training intensity. We, as women, need to embrace intensity for a feminine and curvy look! #gym #fittok #mindset #hypertrophy #fit

♬ Clever Brass – DJ BAI

I hope that you guys enjoy this post on 5 fitness lessons for hypertrophy, please let me know what you thought about it in the comments section below!


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