3 Health Benefits of Going Vegan (2019)

Many people decide to go Vegan not knowing that there are multiple health benefits. If you have ever wondered about what health benefits can be seen from adopting a plant-based diet, they are highlighted  on this list. Here are three health and environmental benefits of going Vegan in 2019:

  • By consuming a plant-based diet, you can lose more weight compared to your meat-eating or vegetarian friends. By eliminating two foods groups: dairy and meat, you can automatically reduce your intake of saturated fats. You can also gain levels of energy and you can feel good about not contributing to the killing of harmless animals. Finally, by going vegan, you can decrease your intake of saturated fats and reduce the chance of developing coronary heart disease and diabetes.


  • A huge cause of environmental damage comes from the slaughter of animals. You would thus be doing the world a service by not contributing to environmental degradation as a result of the practices of the meat industry.


  • On top of saving animals, helping the environment, losing weight, developing improved skin and energy levels, just know that by being compassionate person who is saving thousands of innocent animals from being killed, you are making the world a better place.





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