My Beginner to 4+Year Glutes Transformation

I decided to dedicate another blog entry to my fitness transformation, however this post is just for the glutes.

The pictures on the left were taken when I first started taking my training seriously but I did not do any isolation work on my glutes, I even thought they were ugly to have. I was more interested in the thin look. After I got more serious with my training, I decided to focus on growing them, and I did, the pictures on the right (with the green and white outfit) were taken three weeks ago after 2+ of years of serious glute training. I now no longer recognize the person on the left and cannot believe I ever thought it would look ugly, I think it looks super aesthetic and makes the body look more well-rounded and developed.

I like seeing the way my body reacts to different types of training and highly encourage women and men to take progress pictures to see how their body develops with their training. I also highly encourage heavy lifts as well as isolation work to develop glutes, this means that the glutes for me, personally, have been an area where I was told would not grow “due to genetics”. I however, managed to grow them almost double the size with serious hip thrusts, barbell glute bridges, abductor movements on top of the conventional squats and deadlifts which are also good for the whole body.

I wish that I could show this to the person who told me my glutes would not grow bigger around the time I first started training to show him that with my commitment to my training, consistency, proper training and sleep, it is actually possible.

I look forward to making more progress even though it is a little slower now that I am 4+ years into my training. For those who are not familiar with Bret Contreras, I highly encourage you to check out his website, he is the “Glute Guy” who is honestly the reason I have gotten to the shape that I am in now.


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