5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Here are five healthy breakfasts to try at home. I highly encourage anybody who leads an active lifestyle not to skip breakfast, and I actually look forward to making it because nothing is better than starting the day off with proper fuel for workouts and a healthy body, in my opinion.

Oatmeal with Peanut Butter and Fresh Fruit

The staple of any bodybuilding diet is oatmeal, so I always eat it a few times a week, I recommend adding peanut butter and fruits and even adding in some protein powder to it for extra nutrition/fuel. I definitely would not shy away from adding toppings in the morning but would make sure that the toppings are natural and as un-processed as possible, this applies to the peanut butter as well, I try to go towards organic sources.

A great rule of thumb when trying to get the best lifestyle for your body is to try to incorporate a breakfast consisting of a healthy protein, a complex carb (optional) and either vegetables of fruits. A nutritious breakfast is the most important time to satiate your body as it has been resting and building muscle from previous workouts.

Fresh Bowl of Fruit

Fruit is always a good choice as a go-to breakfast to have in mind in whichever context. Always have it as a fall-back option in case you haven’t planned breakfast, are not in the mood to cook or are dining out. A bowl of fruit is better than skipping breakfast, have it be the fall-back breakfast choice, it can only do you good.

Avocado Toast with Shrimp

Avocado toast with shrimp is my favourite out of the list, it requires very little planning and can be done in less than 20 minutes. For this Avocado Toast, I mashed half an avocado, added in a bit of parsley, some salt, black pepper, tomato and steamed shrimp.

Peanut Butter Toast with Chia Seeds and Fruits

I cannot stress the importance of organic choices because that means that the emphasis is not on restriction, ask anybody who has maintained their healthy waistlines and they will tell you that sustainability is related to flexibility and not restriction with good food choices.

I love eating peanut butter, as long as it is as refined as possible, I add to fresh brown bread and even add a teaspoon or two of chia seeds to it with fruits to make it more gut-friendly.

Egg White Pita Bread with Light Halloumi

Finally, having been raised in a Lebanese family, pita bread is never excluded from our dinner table. Making pita-wraps are second-nature to me and it’s a super healthy choice.

A big muscle-building breakfast is brown pita bread with four egg whites, 1/3 light halloumi cheese, steamed broccoli and some turkey. Because the pita bread is so light, I can even have the rest of the light halloumi with vegetables so I leave it on a small plate.

This type of meal is filling but it is healthy, I would reserve it for when I am putting on muscle, and not aiming to lose fat or if I plan on doing cardio that day.

Light Halloumi cheese to me tastes just as good as the real thing so try looking for a Halloumi cheese package that says reduced sodium or has the word “light” in it as it has less calories but not at the expense of taste.


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