How to Set and Achieve your Fitness Goals (Video)

I thought that I would address concerns about setting goals and objectives within the fitness domain. 

While exercise in Lebanon tends to have a rep as being purely a vanity thing, I thought that addressing the goal-setting part of fitness, you can start to see it as more nuanced and varied.  

My belief is that weight-lifting provides numerous health benefits that extend beyond vanity, and I have previously written about exercise can treat lifestyle related disease in this article.

The main take-away that I hope you get from my video is the importance of being clear and concise in regards to goal-setting and to remind you to visualise whichever fitness objective you choose.

The video that I posted highlights the different types of fitness goals that you can visualise and work towards. The goals can both be long-term and short-term, with a more long-term goal being number 4 on the list and a short-term goal number 2.

Regardless of the duration of the goal, understanding the subjective nature of this process can hopefully redirect any sentiment of fitness as a self-serving and one-size-fits-all equation into understanding its more pro-social and rewarding elements.

Fitness Goals Can Include:

1) Physique Related Goal (ie: I want a big butt/visible abs)

2) Fat Loss (ie: Lose 2% Body Fat in 2 months)

3) Gain Muscle (ie: I want to gain 3 kg of muscle in 1 year)

4) Live a Healthy Lifestyle (ie: be a good role-model/feel happy/reduce stress) 

The Importance of Visualisation

In the video, I also speak about  how important visualisation is in the process and provide methods to visualise the goals that I mentioned above. These methods include journalling and the use of visualisation through positive association to an emotion (choosing a feeling and tying it to your goal).

I personally take a few minutes day to visualize whatever fitness goal I am working towards, and I do not shy away from being as descriptive as possible while doing so, this helps me have a frame of reference while I do my training and eating. 

I wish you the best on your fitness journey. Comment below to share your thoughts on this blog post.


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