Book Review: Master Your Core by Dr. Bohdanna Zazulak

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Today I am reviewing a book called “Master Your Core” by Dr.Bohdanna Zazulak. I will start with a short introduction about Dr.Zazulak, Zazulak is an award-winning researcher in the domain of Physical Therapy. Her book, which I will review today is a culmination of her research on the link between core stability, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Who is Dr.Bohdanna Zazulak?

Dr.Zazulak was also recently recognized as a “Top Doctor” in Connecticut by Women in Medicine. Her research indicates that empowering our cores is fundamental towards having achieved optimal health, enhancing our performance, and reducing the risk of injuries.

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‘Master Your Core’ Book Review

Zazulak’s “Master Your Core” provides an in-depth capture of the importance of core training. Beyond that, her exploration of the subject from both a practical and theoretical perspective is an excellent way for a serious athlete or fitness-lover to enhance their knowledge on the subject of their cores.

Alongside being an extension to Zazulak’s years of extensive research on the subject, Zazulak’s exploration on the subject and her ability to translate that into her easily digestible book is also noteworthy.


Firstly, without wanting to spoil any of the book’s fantastic content, Zazulaks’ nuanced breakdown of the core extends to her own system called the Core BASE guide (Zazulak’s system of both increasing awareness/core function) and understanding our core fundamentals (which , for instance, covers the relationship between our cores and our hearts/minds).

The importance of core training

“Master Your Core” is 265 pages long and provides expert knowledge about our cores that one probably cannot find anywhere else. Zazulak’s passion for the core is not unsupported, the core plays a role in numerous domains that are not just limited to athletic performance.

Anybody who has unfortunately dealt with a core-related injury can truly benefit from the insights shared in the practical segments of this book. Zazulak provides exercises to empower our cores in almost every chapter of her book.

woman in white tank top and white leggings bending her body

The relationship between breathing and the core

Second, “Master Your Core” covers an interesting array of core-related subjects such as the relationship between the breath and core. Chiefly, the relationship between three meditation styles and the core is an area covered in great depth by Dr. Zazulak.

The Mind-Core Connection

Furthermore, Zazulak drew onto the idea of spirituality to bring our awareness to the emotional component existing in our cores. For example, Zazulak mentions how the mind’s strength lends itself to a strong core as they are connected. Meditation has a propensity towards expanding our core awareness.

Spiritual significance of the core

Additionally, the idea of the core floor being referred to as the root chakra in Eastern disciplines gives an interesting nuance to guide our understanding of our cores. According to Zazulak, our core floors have acted as the roots of our inner stability.

The BASE system

Third, Dr.Zazulak’s BASE system is the highlight of her book. This is Zazulak’s original system which she designed with the aim of empowering core strength. It is broken down into four parts which include breathing, awareness, stability and empowerment. This book covers practically every detail associated with proper core understanding, awareness and function.

woman exercising indoors

Her book consists of both theory and practical exercises that aim to empower our own core strength, awareness and function. Alongside covering topics like the core’s relation to breathing, spirituality and fitness, Dr. Zazulak’s four part BASE system is easy to learn and practice for optimal wellbeing and injury-free athletic performance.

In conclusion, Dr. Zazulak’s book “Master your core” truly covers the subject of core training in a way that is relatable, applicable to fitness-enthusiasts and interesting to curious readers. I highly recommend reading it!

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Author Bohdanna Zazulak - TCK Publishing
Researcher and author of “Master Your Core” Dr. Bohdanna Zazulak


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