My Review of Glute Lab by Bret Contreras

Who is Bret Contreras?

He is an American Strength and Conditioning coach and glutes-training expert who has been popular on Instagram thanks to his creation of the Hip Thrust. His Instagram page is my go-to place for glutes-related knowledge and exercises.

Bret Contreras is also a gym-owner, blogger and author. I remember reading his blog posts on glutes-training and wishing that his training techniques and glute-specific machines could find their ways into all Lebanese gyms. I started using the barbell hip thrust as part of my regular training from then on. I added a picture of my glutes transformation below so that you can see just how much these techniques have benefited my physique.

Glutes Training Becoming Popular in Lebanon (2019-onward)

While glutes-training has been popular in countries like Brazil for years, only recently has it become mainstream globally and in the United States (thanks to Bret Contreras and social media) as part of regular training.

Of course, it has only recently become mainstream in Lebanon. As somebody who was hip thrusting 4x/5x a week for years, I can safely attest to the rise of Bret Conteras’ hip thrust as way more popular at any commercial gym here, and it’s awesome! I no longer feel embarassed doing my glutes-focussed training (beyond the squat) as I find most other women (and men) are training that way too.

My four year glutes transformation, mainly thanks to Bret Contreras’ articles and videos over the last few years.

When I first found out about Bret Contrera’s Glute Lab book, I knew I had to buy it. I waited nearly 2 months and it flew in all the way from the US. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely.

My ‘Glute Lab’ Book Review:

The main cover page has a visual of a woman performing the “hip thrust” which arguably is the best exercise for growing the glutes.
The book itself is very large in size, it has over 600 pages of beautiful pictures and descriptions on how to train (and it’s mainly for women).

I have read almost all of it and feel like I have benefited from the book in numerous ways, primarily because I can now apply his training techniques on myself and whoever it is I am coaching in training.

I wanted to share the knowledge that I got from the book and apply it to a Lebanese context. Because Bret Contreras chose to specialize in women’s training and included female-friendly fitness content, I no longer feel any reluctance to advocate strength training as the best way to look physically more attractive.

I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the book, overall, my experience reading it and applying it has been positive.

  • Bret Contreras has given me confidence in my training at the gym thanks to the accesibility of the science relating to glute training. It is his simplication of the process of progressive overload, his use of images describing every glutes training exercise and his glute-focussed training program have given more value to my training.
  • In his book, Bret covers the basics of the Hip Thrust, seeing as though he invented it, it is carefully presented to ensure good form, proper application through understanding of how the glutes work to complete (and benefit from) the movement. Next time someone tries to correct my Hip Thrust form at the gym, I won’t feel a shred of doubt as I am armed with knowledge.
  • I provided an Amazon link to the book, they deliver to Lebanon. I recommend Lebanese women to order it especially if they are taking their training into their own hands, I promise that becoming an expert in hypertrophy, mind-muscle connection and nutrition increases results and performance with your physique.
  • ‘Glute Lab’ is a guide to strength training that is in no way intimidating, and that is coming from a Lebanese woman who has been training for four years. I have learnt so much about my physiology and glute-building genetics from this book.
  • For instance, I had no idea genetics played that large of a role with building glute mass, additionally, I did not know that even ethnicity affects the appearance of the glutes. A Lebanese butt will look different from a Chinese or African butt and that is largely related to muscle density, hip structure and bone density. The book goes into all of these details.

It was definitely a good choice and I highly recommend it to all other fitness enthusiasts.


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