How to Strengthen your Immunity (Infographic)

Infographic simplifying daily steps to reduce inflammation.

Hey guys,

Amidst the uncertainty that we are collectively facing as a result of the Corona virus, the best steps that we can take are those that strengthen our immunity systems.

In the infographic I have created above, I simplify steps that undoubtedly eradicate inflammation that is harmful to the body.

orange and lemon fruits on gray wicker basket
Oranges are full of healthy antioxidants, consuming them strengthens your body’s natural defence system.

While this is a fitness blog that otherwise teaches it’s readers to strengthen the muscles in their body, we should aim to find balance in all other areas. Balancing out physical health, mental health and supplementation is a discipline much like building muscle, and I hope that this checklist simplifies the process.

Let me know what your thoughts on this post are by posting a comment below.


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