3 Specific Training Tips for Increasing Size (As a Vegan)

Every diet comes with it’s own set of pros and cons. A Vegan Diet has its own set of limitations that can be worked on and turned into strengths.

Despite the fact that not many people follow a Vegan diet, it can serve as a shortcut to strength and muscle building. What can you do with this information? You can optimise your training to fit with your Vegan lifestyle which can lead to more health benefits and is less cruel towards the environment/animals.

  1. Less time is needed at the gym so why not use that knowledge to your advantage by choosing a workout program that makes use of shorter rest periods. When discussing your program with your personal trainer or even by working out based on your own research, you can choose a program that utilises either less overall time, less overall volume or less overall rest periods.
  2. Provided that your Vegan diet is primarily based off of legumes, whole-foods, fruits, vegetables, beans and good carbs, you need to plan your workouts to be shorter, more intense and make use of giant sets, tri-sets and even super-sets to shorten your overall time at the gym.
  3. Not many things need to change when you transition into a Vegan based lifestyle. I would add to this list that as a Vegan lifter, a positive mindset in the gym is important. You may not relate to others who may still be eating a carnivorous diet. This is where you need to tap into your motivations, engage your mind/muscle connection and focus on less duration, at a higher intensity. Provided you are consistent, hydrating, working out smart and listening to your body’s needs, you will not face any problems with your new lifestyle.

Bonus tip: Supplementation is part of the key for long-term success as a Vegan lifter. In addition to a healthy, plant-based diet, make sure to supplement with Creatine, Vitamin B12, and a Probiotic. Get enough Vitamin D (through sun, food or supplement) and enough Omega 3 (this can be found in Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds however can also be taken in vegan capsule form).


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