5 Habits for a Healthy and Strong Body (No Gym required)

It amazes me how the subject of fitness is often presented in a way that is not inviting to beginners. As somebody who has been training hard and eating healthy for 5 years, I was still not sure how to get my close friends to realise how easy it can be to adopt a healthy lifestyle without coming off as intimidating.

While I do find that willpower supersedes excuses, I think that addressing the objective-sounding nature of fitness and the fitness industry is very crucial when talking to beginners, it is the only way they can see it as approachable. With obesity becoming more prevalent in the Middle East, I find myself committed to sharing fitness tips that can tailor even those who are far from a healthy weight.

What I want to get across to those who may be intimidated to start developing healthy habits is that fitness is not a one-size-fits all approach nor will it ever be.

Three truths remain true though and that is that consistency with training, healthy food choices and water/rest will always be the hallmarks of a proper fitness regimen. So do one on the list, and get very serious about it and then you will notice how the momentum to do the others starts manifesting itself quite naturally.

For those of you who may be overweight, intimidated at the gym or simply very busy, try these habits for a few months, see how it fits you, and if any of these tips are too intimidating, just try one. The rule remains simple: Any form of progress will get the ball rolling to where you want to be.

The only competition I have is myself. I’m focused on my own goals.


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