4 Skincare Benefits From Exercise

Hey guys,

I decided to dedicate today’s post to sharing a few benefits of exercise on developing clear skin. The reason why I decided to write about skincare is to minimize misconceptions about the relationship between exercise and skin.

Exercise and Hormones

Chiefly, exercise at a high intensity for a period of around twenty minutes can have hormonal benefits that include reduction of blood sugar. (dermascope.com,2016)

Additionally, cortisol reduction proved to be a consistent reason for why exercise benefited skin quality. Exercise helps reduce cortisol which is largely responsible for problems like acne and breakouts.

Exercise can beautify your skin in the following ways, and it certainly is not limited to just skin benefits, it also improves hair quality and other facets of beauty which will not be discussed in today’s post.

First part of infographic listing two beauty benefits of exercise.

Exercise and Anti-Ageing

Exercise provides the body with anti-aging benefits which can lead to a more attractive face, it does so by increasing collagen that inevitably decreases with age.

Finally, exercise creates myokines, for those of you who are unfamiliar with myokines, they are little proteins that are created by exercise and can improve the muscle tone of the outer layer of debris.

Finally, exercise creates a healthy afterglow effect as a result of clearing your complexion, as long as you are not wearing clogging make-up. This effect can be subcutaneous and create a detoxifying effect on your skin.

Second part of infographic listing an additional two beauty benefits of exercise.

Lucie, E. (n.d.). The Connection Between Exercise and Skin Health. Retrieved from https://www.dermascope.com/scope-this/the-connection-between-exercise-and-skin-health.


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