At Home High Intensity Workout (Video) for All Levels

Try this Quick At Home HIIT Workout to strengthen your lower body and lose fat.

This is a workout that I designed for anybody looking to lose fat. It utilizes the intervals necessary to lose fat, these include one burst of high exertion followed by a short burst of complete rest. This method is known as High Intensity Interval Training, a popular way of losing fat even once the workout has ended. What is responsible for the effect of HIIT is the work/rest ratio as it is responsible for creating the fat-burning process, this process extends until after you are done working out.

I highly recommend doing this particular workout twice for optimal results as you may find it too simple to do it once, this goes for beginners as well.

I would highly recommend this workout if you want to burn calories fast.

The Workout:

-Squat: 30 seconds on /20 seconds off

-Reverse Lunge: 30 seconds on/20 seconds off

-Mountain Climber: 30 seconds on/20 seconds off

-Donkey Kicks: 30 seconds on/20 seconds off

-Plank: 30 seconds on/20 seconds off

Take a 90 second rest. Repeat one or two more times for optimal results.


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