Strength Training During Female Menstrual Cycle

I have created this infographic to help both of my female and male readers understand the hormonal changes that the female body undergoes during the difficult menstrual cycle, by difficult, I mean that it can be painful due to PMS symptoms.

Exercise, nutrition and good sleep always helps make the cramps and pain a bit more tolerable. I created this infographic in order to help simplify some of the hormonal shifts that include estrogen and progestorone rising and falling to see just how it is related to training, mainly it is better to train harder during the follicular phase and to take advantage of your body’s increased metabolism during the luteal phase for fat burning by decreasing carbohydrates.

Overall, while these changes are only happening in a woman’s body, it does not hurt for males to understand just how impactful a woman’s hormones are during these difficult times.

My biggest suggestion for females would be to always bare in mind that hormones are largely responsible for a lot of moodiness, fatigue and injury risk related to strength training and that being aware of how difficult it may be to circumvent these symptoms really does make you a boss.

Key Take-aways from Post:

Follicular phase of cycle is the best time for making muscle gains.

During Luteal phase, try cutting out carbs as fat loss is already primed by increased metabolism.

Always get enough sleep, eat nutritious and exercise during the PMS portion of your menstrual cycle (week 4) to relieve the symptoms.

Also, I have included the list of supplements that I would personally recommend in order to alleviate some minor discomfort, these include: Omega 3, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin b-6, Iron and Calcium.



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