7 Lunge Variations For Your Best Leg Day

This video is taken from my fitness page on Instagram.

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to talk about lunges! In the video I posted above, I share seven different ways to lunge. Lunges are an excellent leg and glutes developer, they are underrated and definitely should not be skipped. Here are seven ways to lunge that I describe in the video:

1) Stationary lunge
2) Side lunge
3) Jumping lunge
4) Body weight walking lunge
5) Weighted walking lunge
6) Bodyweight Bulgarian split squat
7) Weighted Bulgarian split squat

Are lunges important to getting a shapely and toned lower body? Absolutely! I would not skip lungeing if the goal is to develop a round butt and strong legs.

Additionally, lunges are a great compound lift, meaning that they develop the entire body all at once. This is a strengthening exercise that can translate into lower body strength on the squat, deadlift, etc.

How often should I perform lunges per week in order to grow my butt?

Famous glutes expert Bret Contreras has spoken extensively about exercise selection and frequency for glutes growth. In his Instagram post, he recommended performing these lifts two or three times a week.

If you are a beginner, I recommend trying the lower part of that frequency (twice a week) first and then working your way towards three times.

That means if you train legs three times a week, add in one lunge variation from the list on each leg day.

Practically, you can perform:
1) 3 sets of 8 weighted Bulgarian split squat on Monday
In this picture, I am performing a weighted split squat.
2) 3 sets of 10 walking lunges on Wednesday
In this picture, I am performing a walking lunge.
3) 3 sets of 12 stationary lunges on Friday

You can even throw in the side lunge or jumping lunge as part of your leg day warm-up routine.

You would do them bodyweight for high sets of up to 20 repetitions.

Here is a link to another of my article on compound lifts. I suggest reading this in order to understand the value of the lunge not just as a booty-lift but an overall integral part of a bodybuilding routine. Or even just as a fitness staple.

Get acquainted, work on perfecting your form and you definitely will develop a killer physique as a result.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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