The Ultimate Guide To Fitness-Friendly Restaurants in Beirut

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to go over a few of my favorite healthy places to eat from in Beirut. This post is not just for fitness buffs, it is for whoever want to find a meal that is both tasty and healthy while staying in Beirut. I’ll go over why I chose each place briefly and what to order from their menu. Furthermore, I’ve attached their Instagram handles so that you can drool over their super delicious food pictures.

#1) The Glow paradise

Glow Paradises’ acai bowls are as tasty as they are beautiful.

Why try the Glow Paradise?

The Glow Paradise is a great choice for anybody who is looking for a tasty afternoon fix, a protein-rich lunch or dinner, a healthy detox juice or somebody who just wants to enjoy a guilt-free dessert. They also have colorful acai bowls and vegan options. I recommend trying out their protein pancakes and superfood burger.

#2) Fitness Diner

Fitness Diner offers a breakfasts for champions.

Why try the fitness diner?

The Fitness Diner is a great place for bodybuilders, weight-lifters or anybody who is macro-conscious (tracking their fats/proteins/carbs). I recommend fitness diner as a great place to eat a clean meal after workout. The meals are affordable and will help you reach your fitness goals. I recommend trying their customized platter (you can construct a meal off a list of healthy proteins + carbs and fats). I also recommend their grilled chicken platter and their protein pancakes.

#3) FiberΒ 

Fiber’s burgers are definitely worth trying.

Why try Fiber?

I’ve been a Fiber loyalist since I started my fitness journey in 2015. Their logo is “think smart, eat smart” and I really see how they applied to every dish. They made sure to transform daily dishes into healthy meals while maintaining it’s taste. This applies to your favorite desserts which they transform into low calorie and sugar-free options. Furthermore, you can eat a gluten-free version of your favorite pizza, customize sandwiches and salads while staying honest with your fitness goals. I recommend ordering any of their burgers (their chicken burger is a must try!) and sandwiches, they’re excellent! Finally, they have a great breakfast selection (including customizable oatmeal, pancakes and waffles).

#4) Niu

Niu’s bowls look, feel and taste vibrant.

Why try Niu?

Niu has a wide variety of healthy vibrant poke bowls (including customizable options), sweet acai bowls with sugar-free/low calorie options to customize them with. They also have a build your poke option where you can choose from a list of healthy, nutritious and tropical ingredients. I highly recommend trying their Ula Ula Salmon poke bowl.

5) Breakfast barn

Their breakfast toast is mouth-wathering and made with fresh and organic ingredients.

Why try Breakfast barn?

Breakfast barn has a wide variety of healthy breakfast foods. Furthermore, they offer several vegan options as well. From their toasts to their “quickies”, their menu really does fit any meal of your fit-conscious eating plan. I highly recommend trying out their “power quickie”, it’s an almond pudding based with almond butter, cashews, chia seeds and maple syrup. I recommend eating here for a refueling post-workout meal or just to have breakfast to start the day strong.

Taken from their menu, Breakfast Barn’s quickies are a must try!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this week’s blog post on fitness-friendly dining in Beirut, let me know what you thought of it in the comments section below.


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    I really love Breakfast Barn!

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