Female Aesthetics: How Natural Bodybuilding Can Enhance Femininity

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Today’s blog post is going to discuss aesthetics and fitness trends. The first part of this blog post is going to discuss body types, body shapes and curviness. The second half will assess how fitness and building muscle can enhance our natural shape and curves to increase feminity and appeal.

Firstly, let us address the subjectivity ot this analysis. One person’s body is always going to appeal to somebody and perhaps to the disinterest of somebody else, similarly, taste plays a large part in what we come to find attractive.

Furthermore, our own taste comes to mature with experience and time. We can also observe the power of media in shaping consumer preferences. Furthermore, social media plays a large part in shaping how we come to view our own bodies, whether good or bad, socialization plays a large part in shaping how we come to view our own beauty.

Body types 

There are quite a few different body types when it comes to the female body. These shapes are the hourglass shape, pear shape, apple shape, ruler and inverted triangle body type. Women’s body types can even include the rectangle body type, triangle shape and oval shape. 

The apple body type.
The hourglass body type.
The pear body type.
The inverted triangle body type.

Click here to read more about the different female body types and how to identify and accentuate them.


Let us start by defining curves. What are they? Curves essentially describes the feminine shape of a woman’s body. It describes the outline and contours of her body. This includes the shape of her breasts, butt, hips and waist. The overall shape of these create the curvy aesthetic

Butt shapes 

Another important part of assessing feminine (ie: indicator of fertility, female vigor and strength) beauty and body type is butt shape. Genetics, exercise and ethnicity play a large part in how our butt shapes is determined/prefered. Overall, while size is one measure of appeal, shape tends to be more important. Butt size can be increased through glutes exercises but shape tends to stay fixed. 

Fitness aesthetics 

Let us discuss proportion and symmetry next. Beauty in both bodybuilding and by the hands of plastic surgeons factor in both of these criteria for a reason. Female bodybuilders or fitness competitors (depending on their category) are required to fulfill certain aesthetic characteristics in order to win the competition.

In the bikini division for instance, competitors are judged on the following: proportion, symmetry, balance, shape and skin tone. They are not judged for muscular development or visibility. This indicates the power of shaping muscles to fullfill a feminine aesthetic (both digestible and desired by women for themselves).

Following in this type of training can lead one to develop a highly strong and feminine body (inclusive of a competitor maintaining her curves and looking strong).

Pin on Incredible Women
Bikini competitor Rachel Dillon’s body exemplifies the balance between strong and curvy.

In terms of fitness, there are so many different types of categories including wellness, physique, bodybuilding, bikini and figure that one cannot just simplify it to one desired body type. Simply, fitness (or hypetrophy) allows for different goals and aesthetics

Culture plays a part in shaping what one views as aesthetic, another important player is the media with social media playing a large role in shaping consumer preferences. Certain characteristics including health and fertility indicators will, however, always play a large role in subconsciously signalling attractiveness.

These factors include waist-to-hip ratio (0.7), a strong body (especially in the hips region) among many other factors.

Curve-enhancing exercises

What workouts can one do in order to improve our body’s feminine aesthetic? 

Lower body workouts are great for accentuating our femininity, this includes exercises to grow our hips, glutes and legs. Check out my blog post on my favorite lower body exercises for more exercises and their demonstrations.  

Click here to see how I managed to grow my glutes and develop my lower body.

In conclusion, beauty is a subjective topic that does warrant analysis. From understanding all of the different types of beauty types and shapes, we can come to aprpeciate our own.

Furthermore, from our understanding of curves and hip shapes, we can transform our lower bodies to become their most aesthetic through the exercises highighted in this post.

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I hope that you enjoyed this week’s blog post on female aesthetics. Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below! 


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