5 Rules for Long-Term Fitness Success

Here are my favourite rules for fitness success, they may seem overly simplistic but they are sound and true. If you watch any famous athletes in an interview, they always attribute their success to consistency. So remember to stay true to your vision, to educate yourself on fitness and to follow the other tips on this infographic.

Finally, I would add to this list to question cultural norms, this kind of resonates with my last point on thinking critically about fitness content. Anybody can become strong and fit, it is all a matter of will and consistency.

Choose a sport that challenges you because it is so rewarding, this is a message I am committing to transmitting to Middle Eastern men and women as your body definitely can handle being strong.

Take it from the world’s fittest people, the key to success in fitness is to be consistent, value your health and make sure you have an hour a day dedicated to their fitness no matter what.


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